Blackbear Discography (2012-Present)

Blackbear Discography Download

Blackbear Discography Download

Blackbear (AKA Mat Musto) is an Alternative R&B artist and producer. Blackbear has written many songs for other pop artists but really came into his own in 2012 when he released his first EP titled Foreplay. Since then he has released many albums and EP’s spanning different genres.

Genre: Alternative R&B
Quality:  256 M4A – iTunes Purchases

Foreplay EP (2012) – Download
SEX The Mixtape (2012) – Download
The Afterglow EP (2014) – Download
Dead Roses (2015) – Download
Dead EP (2015) – Download
Black Friday Mixtape (2015) – Download
Black Friday 2 Mixtape (2015) – Download
Help (2016) – Download
Black Friday 3 Mixtape (2016) – Download
Drink Bleach EP (2016) – Download
Cashmere Noose EP (2017) – Download
Digital Druglord (2017) – Download
Salt EP (2017) – Download
Do Re Mi X EP (2017) – Download
CyberSex (2017) – Coming Soon

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